Fed up with failure

Feelings affect one’s performance
3. Teasing and beating me regularly, circumstance victimized me. . One day, unexpectedly, I entered my work office, packed my belongings, loaded them into my car, and drove home. Chink and Jap became my names. We played kick-ball, board games, and listened to music.

In adolescence, a neighborhood girl Grace infatuated me. I dreaded riding that bus. However, by failing enough, I succeeded. Performance affects one’s success

I found that success, being purposive, involves a scientific process; anyone using this scientific process succeeds. Dark, cold, and evasive – the failure recipe. Seemingly absurd, this is also unproven. Likewise, for every attractive woman subsequently encountered, continuing until middle adulthood. My failure pattern started in childhood. Southward enough is north; eastward enough is west; failing enough is success. I did not ask for this; it was forced upon me. Is there a scientific formula, if followed, guaranteeing success? Education is seemingly not of this formula; my doctoral friends desiring wealth live poorly. . Afterwards, screening incoming phone calls, I ignored the letters sent by my former employer. I desired career prominence, but I quit. Perspectively, this story saddens, amuses, or inspires.

Attempting brevity, I list only some Foam roller of my failures. No matter what the goal is or how failure-ridden a person’s past is, the scientific process works. Romance for her intensified; but fear, uncertainty, and doubt eventually abated it. ,” they rhymed mockingly at me interspersed with punches, slaps, and pokes. Riding the school bus, students teased and beat me regularly. Talent? Yes.What causes failure? What is the solution? For years, I asked myself these questions; because I mostly failed. My infatuation with Grace obsessively grew. It’s mathematical. But talent is just another word for performance. Each bus ride gradually drained my confidence – filling me with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. For the few things that I completed, I detoured instead of directly completing them, wasting time. Intelligence is seemingly not of this formula; we know professionals in football, baseball, boxing, wrestling, acting, or music who are successful but dim-witted. I eventually completed college; however, fear, uncertainty, and doubt hindered perseverance.

Fed up with failure, studying many success publications, I found the following:
1. Hence, the seeds of my failure pattern were sown, reaping hundreds of failures for me.

I hope you enjoyed my story. Only educational goals require education. Beliefs affect one’s feelings
2. Fear, uncertainty, and doubt fatigued me into quitting.

In middle adulthood, I quit a career that I desired and long prepared for.
. What makes one perform well? Genetics? If so, then music, acting, wrestling, boxing, baseball, and football genes exist. Romance abated, I never told Grace that I liked her.

In early adulthood, I left college and joined the Army, left the Army and rejoined college, again left college and joined the workforce, changed jobs several times, rejoined college part-time, then changed college courses several times. Grace and her brothers socialized with me and my brothers. This circumstance darkly shaped my thinking, coldly shaping my feelings, evasively shaping my behavior. Taking several detours, I never really quit trying to complete college. I evaded by detouring, quitting, or not trying; it became my failure pattern. Applying this process, I repel failure and attract success – in all life areas. This story saddens, in that I suffered; amuses, in that I failed; inspires, in that I overcame. “Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees .

I wondered why some people go directly for what they want, quickly obtaining it; while others detour, quit, or never try, wasting time or never obtaining what they want.

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